PEAK Parent Center

PEAK Parent Center is a non-profit organization focused on serving self-advocates and families with children with disabilities in the state of Colorado since 1986. The organization’s mission is to make sure than people with all types of disabilities are fully included in society, the schools, and communities. It constantly provides families with training, technical assistance, and strategies so that they can advocate successfully for their children with disabilities. The motto of PEAK Parent Center sounds like: “Helping Families, helping children”, by reflecting the organization’s commitment to provide support to all families from all backgrounds and cultures.  
The organization was established in 1986 by Judy Martz and Barbara Buswell – two mothers of young children with disabilities. Initially, PEAK was founded as the Parent Training and Information Center (PTI) and has expanded its outreach within the past few decades, by serving now as the federally-designated Parent Technical Assistance Center for Region 5 and the Rehabilitation Services Administration Center for Colorado and Arizona. The majority of employees at PEAK are either parents or family members of children and young people with disabilities from diverse backgrounds.  
PEAK Parent Center implements various state, federal, local, philanthropic and independent projects. Currently, there are three active projects under implementation: 

– Parent Training and Information Center Project. The purpose of the project is to provide parents, self-advocates and family members from the state of Colorado with information and training about becoming self-advocates for themselves and their children.  
– Shift Transition Project. The project helps young people with disabilities to realize their and transition possibilities, and supports them during their transition periods, such as finishing school, starting college, and others. 
– Parent Technical Assistance Center Project. It is focused on providing technical support to Parent Centers and Parent Training and Information Centers in the states of Arizona, Alaska, Colorado, California, Hawaii, New Mexico, Nevada, Washington, Utah, and Oregon. 

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