Parent to Parent Colorado

Parent to Parent Colorado is an outstanding system of support for parents and guardians of children with disabilities and special needs. Parenting children with special needs can often be overwhelming and isolating. Parent to Parent has provided caregivers with support on their journey since its earliest days as a “Mother’s Club” started in 1946. The foundation began as a fundamental desire to provide the best care for their children who were differently-abled and from their dream of inclusion for all children. These founders, eight moms who refused to institutionalize their children, worked together to increase the opportunity for all children with disabilities to function and live a rewarding existence.  
While the attitudes of society towards those who have special and unique needs and abilities have changed since those earliest days, there is still work to be done to address the many needs of those children and their parents. Supporting education and encouraging that caregivers be vocal in their needs is a big part of what Parent to Parent Colorado is all about. Getting families together to share ideas and allowing the socialization of their children is a sizable portion of what this group does for special needs families. It is a great relief to understand that you, as the parent, are not alone in this experience. Providing emotional support is an aspect of the group that remains of utmost importance to all involved.  
Giving families with special needs children love and acceptance is the essence of what Parent to Parent Colorado represents. The path set before those walking along on this trip is not always a simple one but is one fraught with trials and tribulations. Letting these parents and their unique children know that they are not alone is a vital part of the group’s mission. They set out to give their children a chance to be productive in life decades ago and that job will never be finished. Support and encouragement are the guiding principles of Parent to Parent Colorado. 

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