Colorado Behavioral Health Council

The Colorado Behavioral Health Council is an organization that provides comprehensive mental and emotional healthcare support to people residing in every part of the state of Colorado. They offer community resources for psychiatric services that include access to clinics and providers of behavioral services therapies. Their mission is to provide full access to all Coloradans to mental health services that will impact and improve their quality of life. This support likewise extends to family members of those experiencing psychiatric and psychological disorders.  
For people suffering from mental health issues, like depression and bipolar disorder, as well as addiction and substance misuse, it is imperative that resources be made available to everyone who needs them, without being hampered by lack of money or comprehensive medical insurance. CBHC (Colorado Behavioral Health Council) understands that those who lack money or insurance often fall through the cracks due to financial reasons. The goal of CBHC is to place needed services within the community to those who will benefit most. Isolation is a devastating thing for people suffering from mental illness of all kinds. The group works to ensure no one has to suffer silently and that there are still productive lives to be led. Founded in 1967, the objective of CBHC has always been to get help for anyone who needs it.  
Another aspect of CBHC advocacy includes working throughout each year to meet with policymakers and leaders of the communities they serve to promote the services of the organization. They also evaluate policy and bills introduced through the legislature to determine how each will impact mental health services prior to enacting new laws. By doing so, lawmakers must be thoughtful regarding the effect on constituent’s lives that each bill will have, considering the needs of those in their districts. This is another part of the advocacy of CBHC, which acts as a legal support system to run side by side with their advocacy for access to services by all. This complete support for those living with mental health issues is what Colorado Behavioral Health Council is all about and will continue to be their mission. 

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