The Arc of Colorado

In the 1950’s little was known or talked about publicly when it pertained to citizens with disabilities, whether intellectual or physical. A group founded the Arc of Colorado to support the families, and change how society looked upon these individuals.  

Over the last six plus decades, The Arc of Colorado assisted families in finding programs and assistance for the disabled. Not only has the public’s perception changed, many residents of Colorado are employed by The Arc of Colorado. 

There are 14 local chapters across the state of Colorado, and one main state chapter. Working together with each community, the Arc has gained the respect, assistance and opportunities for the developmentally disabled or the intellectually disabled.  

Beginning in 1968, The Arc found another way to obtain the much needed funding and resources for their chapters and those who needed the help. The Arc Thrift stores had their beginning. These thrift stores began allocating funds to cover the needs and costs of the Arc of Colorado. 
The Arc of Colorado is a licensed and registered non profit agency. Interested citizens can become a part of the Arc by joining their local chapter, donating items or funds and volunteering. 

Become part of a large organization that looks to protect and maintain the rights of the disabled citizens. Not only does the Arc provide the individual services, they give information and referral services. The Arc also maintains community based services such as help for families, Medicaid waivers and Early Intervention.  

One of the many goals that are worked hard to achieve is Self Advocacy. Disabled citizens strive to gain some modicum of independence and work at gaining the respect and responsibility from their communities.  
The Arc of Colorado has changed the lives of thousands of people over the years since their inception. With the communities help they will continue for many years to come. 

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