Residential Treatment Centers, Day Treatment, and Camps

This is a list of residential treatment centers, day treatment programs, camps, and other programs. Shop around and see what might work best for you and your condition. 


  • Excelsior offers residential treatment for emotionally and behaviorally disturbed girls. Treatment includes individual, group, and family psychotherapy, peer group interaction, non-compulsorily religious activities, and spiritual counseling. Girls also attend a residential school that is state-certified for middle and high school curriculums and vocational training.  For more information call 303-693-1550, ext 239. 

Colorado Boys Ranch 

  • Residential Treatment for boys ages 12 – 18.  Residential treatment for youth at risk, services include education, counseling, animal therapy, horsemanship, and vocational training for troubled youth. For more information call 303-691-6095. 

Emily Griffith Center 

  • Residential care facility that serves emotionally disturbed boys between the ages of 10 and 21. For more information call 303-691-6095 


  • VisionQuest is a program for troubled adolescents with history of being incarcerated.  Kids are referred to VisionQuest by corrections, probation, mental health, and child welfare as well as private referrals. 
  • For more information call 303-318-0113.  The main office in Arizona is 520-881-3950.  You can also email them at 

Center for Multimodal Intervention, Inc 

  • ADD Summer Camp for children with ADD, ADHD, Bipolar and other similar disabilities, boys and girls from 6 to 12.  There is also a school for children grades 4 – 8. 
  • “We are dedicated to providing research proven practices designed to promote social, emotional, and educational success in the lives of children and families affected by AD/HD or other Disruptive Behavior Disorders”  For more information call 303-759-0307 or email 

 The Learning Camp 

  • The Learning Camp is for children with average, or above average IQ’s that learn differently. 
  • “Building Confidence One Child at a Time”  For more information call 970-926-2706 

Adam’s Camp 

Adam’s Camp is a non-profit organization that provides intensive therapeutic programs devoted to:   

  • helping children (infants to teens), with a variety of of disabilities, find their own personal strengths and develop skills and courage to achieve their potential. 
  • providing parents and siblings with sources of support, counseling, education and empowerment to enhance their family life. 
  • bringing together teams of pediatric therapists to provide a coordinated approach best suited to the needs and challenges of each child and family. 
  • For more information call 303-477-7501 

Easter Seals Colorado 

  • Regarded as one of the top Easter Seals camps in the country, Rocky Mountain Village is fully accessible and used by more than 500 children and adults with disabilities for summer camp sessions. The remainder of the year, campers enjoy respite weekends, providing a brief get-away while giving their families a rest from constant care-giving. At Rocky Mountain Village, campers enjoy horseback riding, fishing, arts & crafts, dances, outdoor camping, hiking and other camp activities. 
  • For more information call 303-569-2333 

Camp Paha 

  • Special day camp for children & adults with all disabilities. Provide 1:4 ratio camper/staff. One overnight included. 
  • For more information call 303-274-6659, ext. 12 

Eckerd Youth Alternatives 

  • EYA is a leader in early intervention, wilderness camp and juvenile justice programs for troubled and at-risk children. 
  • For more information call Tel 727-461-2990 | 1-800-554-4357 | Fax 727-442-5911  Program Admissions: 1-800-914-3937; 

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