Denver Urgent Care Provider is Expanding Access to Health Services

Rocky Mountain Urgent Care has brought additional healthcare resources to the usual roster of urgent care. This collection of urgent care facilities is already known for providing excellent, compassionate, and high-quality medical care to patients in both Denver and Boulder, but they would like to offer additional specialized services at a range of locations in the area. This addition provides significant aid to families and individuals seeking fast and affordable healthcare in the area.

So, what is Rocky Mountain Urgent Care? These facilities provide comprehensive medical care both quickly and affordably. Most clinic visitors are seen in under an hour, which is essential for non-life-threatening emergencies. If Denver residents head to a nearby emergency room for moderate injuries, they’re likely to be there for several hours. Life-threatening accidents are consistently happening around the Denver area, from ski injuries to traffic accidents. Emergency rooms are overflowing with dangerous injuries, and residents suffering from severe cases of the flu or sprained wrists need to wait hours to be seen. Rocky Mountain Urgent Care is the alternative these mild- to moderate injuries need. Though already very convenient, the provider offers additional health services.

More than an urgent care clinic, these facilities also provide a range of specialized services. Their family practice offer routine physicals, well woman care, well child care, and sports physicals. All facilities have the capacity for pediatric care and family medicine, which is perfect for busy Denver residents. At Rocky Mountain Urgent Care, all members of the family can visit the doctor under the same roof. Additionally, their allergy center provides long-term allergy relief with some of the best diagnostic and treatment tools available. Most importantly, Rocky Mountain Urgent Care prioritizes affordability. They work with most insurance plans, including Medicaid and Medicare, but a basic appointment will cost just $130 without insurance.

Rocky Mountain Urgent Care currently has seven facilities scattered throughout the Denver metropolitan area. Each offers urgent care services, while most offer a family practice, physical therapy, occupational medicine, weight loss support, and psychological services. If you already live or work close to a Rocky Mountain Urgent Care facility, you’re in luck. If you don’t, keep an eye out for possible expansion, or locate your nearest clinic. If you’re in the Denver or Boulder metro area, you’re likely just a few miles away from the closet facility.


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