The Autism Society of Colorado is “Opening Doors” for Kids

The Autism Society of Colorado maintains The Opening Doors™ Program to provide an inclusive and welcoming environment for autistic children and their family members. As affected families know all too well, it can be difficult to share in basic community experiences without being disruptive, judged, and subsequently ostracized. Yet, denying autistic children these experiences leads to an isolation and loneliness that is equally intolerable. It can be a truly miserable example of being between a rock and a hard place.

When poorly run, special programs can feel diminishing in themselves. Ideally, these programs can serve as a bridge to further social integration down the road, rather than inadvertently reinforcing the idea that autistic children are to always be kept separate. In fact, The Opening Doors Program goes beyond the social component of public venues and community experiences. Just as big of an issue—and here’s another thing that families affected by autism will recognize—but the program also works with businesses and destinations to create a more accommodating sensory experience that has less chance of overwhelming the autistic child. You can find upcoming opportunities on the ASC Calendar of Events.


Interested in Being Part of The Opening Doors™ Program

The ASC partners with local businesses and national organizations to continue to identify new opportunities for its program. Whether it’s dining, shopping, fun, sports, edutainment, work with ASC to increase exposure for your organization while making a positive contribution to the community at large. Here are the organizations currently working with The Opening Doors Program.

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