Committee Raises $465,000 to Restore Historic Barn

As of April 2018, the Goodnight Barn Historic Preservation Committee has raised $465,000 to help restore the historic Goodnight Barn structure. This is considered to be the most significant of the state’s agriculture or ranching structures.

In the late 1800s, Charles Goodnight, a dynamic cattle baron who dominated the West, traveled to and from Texas to Canada via horseback driving cattle herds to market. Goodnight is one of the storied characters of the West; he and his longtime friend, Oliver Loving, were former Texas Rangers. In July of 1870, he married Mary Ann “Molly” Dyer at the Rock Canyon Ranch near Pueblo. Goodnight, after years of working as a successful cattle herder, had planned to make this is permanent home.

Unlike many barns of the 19th century, the Goodnight Barn was built of stone. The family lived on the ranch for several years; unfortunately, when the economy suffered a downturn in the 1880s, Goodnight was forced to sell the ranch and head back to Texas. Here, he rebuilt his fortune.

Though Goodnight’s stay in Pueblo was relatively short, he made a huge impression on the emerging community. 150 years later, the Goodnight Barn still stands—just off Colorado 96. It is considered to be one of Colorado’s most valuable historical structures. The community is working hard to raise money for its restoration, but the road has not been easy. The masonry alone will cost around $250,000, but the building also requires a new roof.

Organizers of the Goodnight Barn Historic Preservation Committee have raised an impressive sum to save this incredible structure. In fact, the work will be recognized with a statewide award on May 0th at the Colorado Preservation Incorporation’s 28th annual State Honor Awards Celebration. The CPI will present its Endangered Places Progress Award to the City of Pueblo for their ongoing work. With help from the community and benefactors from around the state, we hope to see the Goodnight Barn restored to its former glory.


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